Sunday Smackdown 3/10/2019

Had a most excellent week with my writing.  I submitted some queries and received positive response (Boom!).  I got my business cards on order (which I discovered a couple of times would have been helpful this week). Signed up for an intensive April writing experience (which I am really looking forward to).   And did […]


I have a photo above my desk of a hockey goalie protecting the net.  He is there to remind me that there are obstacles to getting published. He reminds me that it takes a team of people to get published. He reminds me that you have to skate up and down that ice, that it […]

Rule #2 Writers write. Writers read.

It’s too bad writing isn’t more like karate. You would receive a new color belt as you master:  grammar, punctuation, voice, tenses, settings, plot, theme, structure, and so on. When you run into a fellow writer on the street you then could square off with trash talk from a bad kung fu movie, “your words […]


Time Second by second,      plenty of time left! Minute by minute,      opening doors to the world. Hour by hour,      hear my roar! Day by day,      growing stronger. Week by week,      building something good. Month by month,     wisdom not foolishness. Year by year,   […]

Happy Birthday, Mr. King

No doubt about it, Mr. Stephen King is my favorite living author. Not because I like being  scared, but because he is an excellent writer. Few writers can create a setting and a tone that is so engrossing as being in Derry or a Pa. police barracks (From a Buick Eight), a penitentiary (Rita Hayworth […]