It’s Jerry Seinfeld

Every writer should watch the Jerry Seinfeld documentary, The Comedian. The film takes place after Jerry’s hit show Seinfeld went off the air. Jerry decides to retire all his old material and create a new stand up routine. The documentary though isn’t just about Seinfeld but also shows the rise of an up and comer […]

Charles M. Schulz – Happy Birthday

Stan Lee was the first writer to have an impact on me with his scripting of Amazing Spider-Man. But Charles M. Schulz was the second writer to rock my world. I read and re-read every Peanuts book in our school library. The great thing about his writing is he doesn’t write down to anybody. There […]

At Bat

Watching the Nationals win the World Series the other night got me to thinking that maybe I need an at bat walk up song to get me in the mood before writing. In Stephen King’s book, On Writing, he mentions when he got his first rejection, with an editor’s note on it, he felt like […]

Stop to smell the roses

Last night, as I was eating my Cubano sandwich and drinking beer, I gazed down the table and a revelation hit me. This is what I have been working to achieve the last few years. Here I was having dinner with fellow writers. People who love the craft as much as I do. People who […]

Foundational Books: Harriet the Spy

Harriet the Spy by Louise Fitzhugh was the book responsible for me starting my journal back in 1978. If I remember correctly, this was the book,  our teacher would read to us. I thought it was so cool how Harriet would “spy” on her friends and write about her world that I did the same […]

Sketch – Mysterio

Been awhile since I have drawn anything besides some doodles. But was inspired by a picture I saw of Mysterio on-line.  The Spider-Man movie was great A+, my drawing not so much.  I fell asleep while working on the fish bowl and put a random line there. I wish I had not blackened in his […]