Time Second by second,      plenty of time left! Minute by minute,      opening doors to the world. Hour by hour,      hear my roar! Day by day,      growing stronger. Week by week,      building something good. Month by month,     wisdom not foolishness. Year by year,   […]

Happy Birthday, Mr. King

No doubt about it, Mr. Stephen King is my favorite living author. Not because I like being  scared, but because he is an excellent writer. Few writers can create a setting and a tone that is so engrossing as being in Derry or a Pa. police barracks (From a Buick Eight), a penitentiary (Rita Hayworth […]

Rule #1 Embracing the life

Rule #1 in whatever you do is to embrace it.  Over the years as a restaurant manager I have watched as people crash and burn because they could not embrace the life of hospitality work. Weekends, holidays, long hours, disgusting jobs, customers and their co-workers became stumbling blocks and they crashed and burned. Both my […]

Thanks, Mom

My mother’s library was the following: Bible Nursing dictionary Julia Child’s Mastering the Art of French Cooking and a tabletop book she brought back from the Soviet Union She wasn’t much of a reader.  My dad on the other hand read constantly, and had a huge library but I owe my love of reading and […]